Story of Scandic Craft

Greetings! Welcome to Scandic Craft Europe – where creativity meets quality craftsmanship. I'm Katie, the passionate founder behind this venture, and I'm thrilled to have you on our site.

From a young age, my heart has always raced with excitement for crafts, DIY projects, and all things creative. There's an indescribable sense of pride when you complete a project with your own two hands, don't you agree?

My journey in creativity spans from painting matchbox-coffins for dearly departed aquarium fishes to the transformation of furniture and entire living spaces, including my very own 'covid-summer-cottage' named "Villa Selva Nera Finland."

Navigating home renovations can sometimes mean compromising with family needs, which can be challenging for an artistic soul. However, my relocation to San Francisco, California, proved to be a pivotal moment. I discovered my true passion in Furniture Refurbishing, scouring curbsides and Facebook Marketplace for hidden treasures and giving them new life with special paints and refurbishing techniques.

In my pursuit of excellence, I delved into workshops with renowned brands such as ReDesign with Prima, Wise Owl Paint, and Annie Sloan Paint, refining my skills and expanding my DIY toolkit.

Upon returning to Europe, specifically Finland, I found a gap in the market that needed filling. Unable to find products that met my high standards, I founded Scandic Craft Europe. I believe in providing the best supplies for fellow Europeans, especially the hands-on women who, much like myself, take pride in home improvements.

At Scandic Craft Europe, it's not just about paint – it's about GOOD paint. Our curated selection includes chalk and mineral paints, furniture wax and salve from Wise Owl Paint, transfer films, decorations, stencils, and decoupage papers from ReDesign with Prima. I want to ensure your heritage furniture is treated with the care it deserves, avoiding the pitfalls of poor materials.

I personally curate the Scandic Craft product range, rigorously testing each item to guarantee quality. No more disappointments from generic hardware store paint – only tried-and-true products make the cut. These are my tested finds, presented to you with the utmost confidence.

Our products are versatile, allowing you to unleash your imagination and discover the artist within you. Let your creativity be the symphony that dances through every step of your life's journey.

Thank you for being part of the Scandic Craft Europe community. Here's to creating beautiful and lasting masterpieces together!